A Year With Yahweh

Bio: I'm a Son-worshipping, psychology-loving, soc-investigating, veggie-eating, java-drinking, flipflop-loving wife & mom who loves writing, reading, and exploring. This adventure all started with a simple article that made its way across my Facebook newsfeed and piqued my interest. The article, "A Year Without God: A Former Pastor's Journey Into Atheism", was penned by Ryan J. Bell and outlined his dissatisfaction with his faith and his church. I was fascinated by the premise of this individual's religious experiment, and felt an inner stirring to do my own soul searching. To be clear, I am a Christ-follower in pursuit of God's heart. However, as I read Bell's article, I related to a bit of his spiritual agnst. Like Bell, and many other Christians, I often struggle with the way my faith fits into my current culture. So, my quest to shake up my faith began. You can read about the details in my first post, "It Begins". Over the course of the next twelve months, I will be following Bell and his blog, A Year Without God. At times, I will be writing and responding to things in Bell's journey, and I pray that the months ahead bring him peace and satisfaction in what God is doing in his life. However, this blog is about seeking more Truth in my own spiritual walk and sharing my experiences with my readers. I will not only be writing about God and Christianity, but also a host of regular, everyday issues, including one of my most favorite things, coffee. I pray that your own spiritual journey is filled with questions, answers, wrestling, and all things lovely. Follow me on Twitter @yearwithyahweh! https://twitter.com/yearwithyahweh

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